Live demo server

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Below are details for a live server with test data. Because these account credentials are publicly available, the server is regularly overwritten with clean source data. A warning banner will appear in the interface prior to the server refresh. After the refresh all comments or edits will have been lost.

To log on to the demo server, use the following credentials:

Password: it's5an

To evaluate PageSeeder on your own network, download the latest version for free. This version can run in developer mode on localhost with no usage limits, timeouts, license requirements or download registration. To evaluate a production version requires the generation of a license key against a URL from the website domain.

Create or update documents from Excel

Excel is a fundamental business tool that has traditionally been difficult to integrate with document processing applications. This demo group illustrates how PageSeeder can support Excel-based workflows, not only to spawn documents, but to update individual data objects inside a document.

Data: download this Excel file from Github.


  • Login using the credentials above.
  • Select Upload from the menu on the right next to the documents folder.
  • Drag and drop the excel file.
  • Selection Options next to the file and click Upload as PSML, then Continue.

Demo documentation: step by step documentation.

Tutorial: how to upload an Excel spreadsheet as PSML

Import, export and edit Lightweight DITA

PageSeeder can be used to edit, manage and publish content from different XML formats. This demo shows how to import, export and edit Lightweight DITA (LwDITA) XML format in PageSeeder.

Data: download this zip file from GitHub.


  • Login using the credentials above.
  • Click New group and enter any group name, any description, then click Submit.
  • Click Home page then click the Upload icon (top left).
  • Drag and drop the zip file (above) to the drop files area.
  • Click the Unzip icon next to this zip file.
  • Click the List media button (bottom right).
  • Click Options next to DITA or DITAMAP and click on Import LwDITA as PSML.
  • Click the Continue button at the bottom.
  • Wait a little while until the Confirm upload dialog appears, then click Continue and wait for the message "Successfully uploaded".
  • Under this message click on the remotelighting.psml link. This is the main ditamap file converted to PSML. Click the links under Topicrefs and try editing content using the pencil icon.
  • Go back to the Remote Lighting Network (remotelighting.psml) document and click the Export icon (top left).
  • Try exporting to DocX, PDF and LwDITA format.

Tutorial: how to import and export LwDITA in PageSeeder

Sample publication:

Create a website with PageSeeder documents

The following is a simple website that demonstrates how to use PageSeeder's PSML to create a searchable website using Apache Lucene and our Berlioz web framework.

Please remember that this data is being regularly refreshed. Because the admin tools are exposed to users without any security, the code is also being refreshed.

Demo website:

Demo website admin interface:

Tutorial: how to create a Berlioz index using PSML content

Version 6 user interface

The capabilities exposed through the PageSeeder version 5 interface can sometimes be intimidating to new users, especially if they do not have the need to get familiar with it. The PageSeeder version 6 interface (currently in beta) is much friendlier but still gives users the full power of PageSeeder if they require it.

Try it out by following these links and use the credentials from above to log in: