TimeBase – LawOne


TimeBase provide a legislation monitoring service across all Australian jurisdictions. They provide access to full text legislation, including amending, subordinate and repealed legislation, Bills, Explanatory Memoranda and Second Reading Speeches, along with detailed legislative histories.

The TimeBase editorial team provide twice daily updates that subscribers are able to monitor through personal or shared alert profiles, tracking changes to one or more pieces of legislation or areas of legislation.

The LawOne part of the TimeBase service provides access to all of the legislation that they track along with any updates.

  • Legislation tracked – 65k+ and growing
  • Subscribers – Australia's top tier legal firms, universities and government departments
  • Live since – 2016
  • Site – timebase.com.au


TimeBase needed a content repository that could handle the vagaries of legislation across multiple jurisdictions and that would be extensible enough to track change over time at the section level, manage their product subscriptions and enable collaboration around the legislation.


The TimeBase implementation uses PageSeeder in a number of roles.  Initially it is used to collect, enrich, connect and publish the legislation out to the LawOne server. This is done with custom document templates, labelling and publish tasks.

PageSeeder is also used to manage subscriber access for organisations and the alert profiles that are created by their employees. Groups and custom documents are again used, ensuring flexibility in how the alerts can be defined and securing access only to those users who are validated members of the organisation.